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Meal kit delivery service, Home Chef, let’s you take control of your meals without ever stepping foot in the grocery store. Delivering over 10 million meals last year, Home Chef is steadily rising and proving to be one of the most delicious meal kit delivery service around. From vegetarian, wheat-free, nut-free, etc, Home Chef has menu items that cater to all sorts of diets and allergies. You can use their “Recipe Category” section to choose the meals that are right for you. You’ll also notice that each recipe will let you know what ingredients are in it and you’ll also notice what is wheat-free, what has milk, what’s low-carb and much more. The meals are delivered to your door in eco-friendly packaging and you’re going to really like not having to think about what’s for dinner.

With tools for meal management, you’ll be able to plan your meals based on your schedule. You’ll never waste food with the preplanned ingredients perfectly portioned for each meal. Use the Home Chef app to make the whole process even easier. You can plan your meals on the go or while you catch up on your favorite TV shows. It’s really that easy. All the meals are designed to be prepared for under thirty minutes. That’s quick! You’ll love knowing every single ingredient you’re eating. No weird additives or unwanted ingredients. You get that control. Home Chef is easy to sign up for and to get started. Try a week of meals and you’ll see just how transformational this meal delivery kit service is. Be the chef you’ve always dreamed of being.

Is Home Chef Easy to Use?

Home Chef’s website is extremely easy to use. You choose your meals for the week and then you’re work is essentially done. You can go ahead and map out up to five weeks of food. That’s over a month of not having to think about dinner. If you use the Home Chef app for your phone, you’ll find managing meals even easier.

Is Home Chef affordable?

For the quality of the ingredients and ease of use, it’s a great deal. You’re looking at under $10 per serving. That’s a great deal. You’ll also find more affordable add-ons like a fruit basket for the week or no-cook salads that are even cheaper. It’s a really great deal on healthy, delicious meals.

Is the Food Good?

My goodness, yes! Home Chef has some of the most delicious meals that you’ll enjoy again and again. Home Chef has done a great job with their quality control and each meal has to meet certain standards both in terms of freshness and what the service’s Chefs have set-up for you. The menu items change from week to week and you’ll notice new dishes popping up, ready for you try. There’s really something for everyone at Home Chef. With the ever growing and changing menu, you’ll look forward to trying something new. Asian inspired dishes, classic American dishes, Mexican inspired dishes are available every week. There’s a lot of variety and if you’ve ever gotten caught in a food-rut, where you cook the same things over and over again, you’ll love this service.

Are the Meals Easy to Prepare?

For the most part, yes. Home Chef sends you all the ingredients you need (save for some pantry staples like olive oil or butter), then you have an easy-to-follow recipe card that walks you step-by-step through the cooking process. They’ve gone to great lengths to make sure a recipe is tested and ready for you to easily make. It’s really hard to mess a meal up from Home Chef.

Should I give Home Chef a Try?

Absolutely. Home Chef meals are easy to cook and most importantly delicious. There are meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh! And, you’ll be able to enjoy dessert too. There’s really nothing better than a home-cooked meal. Home Chef will help you make that a reality every day of the week.



Being a busy mom, Kace really knows what is best in home and cooking management. Meal kit delivery services have been her helpers for years and made it possible cook delicious home meals without wasting tons of time on planning.